How can I become a volunteer?

We love and appreciate every effort towards supporting our team members and volunteering is one of the most pure forms of support one can give.


To volunteer, kindly email us via loice@karefoundation.org.au

How can I donate to the Kare Foundation?

To Donate, Kindly click the DONATE page on our website to share your contributions.


N/B: As a contributor to the Kare Foundation, we make sure your donation goes directly to supporting our cause.

How do I qualify for an Education Scholarship with Kare Foundation?

Scholarships are offered to children from disadvantaged backgrounds who want to pursue education from primary school to university.

In identifying the awardees for Primary and Secondary recipients, a public call is made and applicants, who meet the set criteria are invited to apply. A standardized form that is downloaded by the applicants from the Kare Foundation website (click here) is used. Successful applicants will be contacted once vetting has been finalized.

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