Loice Njanja is the CEO and Director of Kare Foundation. Loice and her family reside in Melbourne Australia, where they have lived for the past 20 years. Loice is a  wife, mother and a Grandmother, and also the CEO of Genesis Health Services. Loice is  born again and believes in true religion, which is looking after the vulnerable in the society. Her heart desire is to see young people who are labelled as hopeless by society transformed and becoming a light to their communities. Her belief is that everyone has been gifted in one way or the other, and our responsibility as a society is to nature the young peoples giftings and bringing them to maturity irrespective of the social status of the individual young person. Loice has been an Educationist in Australia for the past 15 years and hence Education is a key part of what Kare Education does.

Loice has a degree in Accounting, a Masters in Business and is currently pursuing her Doctoral Studies in Counselling and Theology.

Pastor Michael Kinyanjui Kariuki is the head of the Pastoral Care Team  and Chair of the Outreach Ministry at Kare Foundation. He is born again and embraces that his sins were forgiven at Calvary. Pastor Kinyanjui is the Teens Pastor at Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF), Doonholm Church where he stewards over 350 teens. He was formerly the Youth Vice Chair at CFF Doonholm leading over 500 youth. Pastor Kinyanjui has worked with children since 2008.

He is currently taking a certification course in Theology at APEPT Bible School in Kayole and is expecting to graduate in October, 2022.

Preaching the truth to the young generation according to biblical principles is his main mission and he desires to impact the youth with the wisdom of God in their daily life activities.

Phyllis Njoki Njoroge is part of the administration team at Kare foundation

Phyllis has pursued and completed her bachelors in psychology at Egerton university. She is a diligent and self- driven individual who performs allocated tasks well and with a solution –oriented mindset. Her abilities to learn and adapt quickly enables her to embrace new challenges and responsibilities with ease and confidence. Due to her strong leadership abilities she has played roles in motivating and inspiring young youths as a volunteer in some organization for example she has worked with Kenya Red cross as a volunteer offering psycho-social support to family members and youths, organizing gender based

programs for the community. She also worked with Chiromo hospital group as a psychologist to conduct therapy sessions with the patients and also conduct group therapy sessions. Finally, she has worked at Lari level 4 hospital as a therapist to create awareness to the community importance of mental health and undertake counseling sessions with patients. Currently, she is working at kare foundation as an administrator and a volunteer.

Jane is our Matron and a mother to all. She is a born-again Christian with a burden to impact the youths and the young people.

She has obtained a certificate in Trainers Home based care, Positive parenting programs, Family matters, and Basic Family planning by Marie Stopes. She is a calm and amazing soul, all the team members love her and share their hearts with her because of her approachable nature.

Elly is the head of Digital media and part of Kare foundation Administration.
Tim has pursued and completed his bachelors in Film production and Animation, Tv production, Media technical courses and leadership courses.

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