Education Scholarship

Kare Foundation works towards supporting deserving young people pursue their education dreams. This is through the awarding of education scholarships at various levels namely:

Scholarships are offered to children from disadvantaged backgrounds who want to pursue education from primary school to university.

In identifying the awardees for Primary and Secondary recipients, a public call is made and applicants, who meet the set criteria are invited to apply. A standardized form that is downloaded by the applicants from the Kare Foundation website (click here) is used. Successful applicants will be contacted once vetting has been finalized.

Scholarship Form

Under Tertiary Education, the focus is the provision of life-skills training to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through partnering with vocational schools and Higher Education Providers.

The scholarship covers the full course fee (Tuition and accommodation) for the Team Member’s training, but team members need to be committed to achieving their potential.

 The guardians will be responsible for transportation, pocket money and shopping.

To enhance the academic achievement and skills development, Kare Foundation Team Members receive additional support through close monitoring, academic preparatory classes based on students’ needs as well as mentoring and networking opportunities. There is a team of Youth Pastors, Youth Counsellors, Psychologists, Educationists and other professionals working on the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the Team Members.

In applying for the scholarships, there are no minimum marks an applicant must have first hit. This is informed by the target group Kare Foundation aims at and studies on performance outcomes by education experts. Kare Foundation targets children from the marginalized sections of the society. Studies have shown on average, pupils/students who come from poor/disadvantaged backgrounds tend to perform less well than their counterparts from well endowed backgrounds. This may be because such pupils/students may be expected to carry out domestic chores after school, chip in raising household income through work, like engaging in small businesses after school and in that their households may not be connected to the electricity grid, use other more expensive lighting fuels after dark thus reducing their study/revision (homework) hours.

Team Members are expected to be a blessing to their communities. This may be through engaging in voluntary activities and/or giving back to the community in any way that they will perceive adds value to them being members of the same communities.

All Team Members must commit themselves to do some volunteer work during their time with Kare Foundation

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