Teenage Mothers Project

Kare Foundation is partnering with Serene Haven Rescue Centre of Nyeri County, in a project entitled ‘The Msichana Shujaa Project,’ to take back to school teenage girls who have given birth to babies. Through this project, teenage mums, who will otherwise have had no hope of getting their education, and getting back on track, are awarded scholarships to enable them go back to school. The scholarships cater for provision of tuition fees, accommodation, uniform, books, shopping and upkeep for the teenage mum. An awardees baby’s upkeep is also covered in the scholarship.

The Msichana Shujaa Project also offers counselling services and medical care to both the mother and the child. The resettlement of the teenage mums and their babies back to their original families or placement with willing relatives is also one of the goals of the project.

Currently, there are ten (10) Team Members in the project; five (5) teenage mums and their five (5) babies.

As with other scholarships under, Team Members have access to the full services provided by Kare Foundation to enhance their academic achievement and skills development. Team Members receive additional support through close monitoring, academic preparatory classes based on students’ needs as well as mentoring and networking opportunities. There is a team of Youth Pastors, Youth Counsellors, Psychologists, Educationists and other professionals working on the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the Team Members.

Baby HWM

Baby WM

Baby EW

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