2023 KF Recruitment

2023 KF Recruitment

In line with our mission, Kare Foundation works towards supporting deserving young people pursue their education dreams. We do this through awarding of education scholarships at various education levels.

This year we have  been  able  to acquire  a total of 12 team members who received the secondary school scholarship. The exercise took place from the 5th – 14th of January 2023.

MATHEW 23 : 11

But the greatest among you will be your servant.

Kare Foundation Scholarships are offered to children from disadvantaged backgrounds who want to pursue education from primary school to university. This year we took in children from Nairobi, Mwingi, Kisii, Kajiado and Kairinyaga counties in Kenya.


Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.

In identifying the awardees for Secondary recipients, a public call was made and applicants, who met the set criteria applied. They filled standard forms, and shortlisted candidates were contacted.

Part of our Staff also physically visited and vetted the candidates and families of the now onboarded team members.

We appreciate our CEO, Loice Njanja and all stakeholders for the roles played towards completion of this exercise.

We also wish all our new team members the best in their education journey.

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